Amiran Services Ltd (“Amiran”) is a nationally and internationally known and recognized team of associate consultants, with expertise founded on more than a century of experience, focusing on the development of analytics and decision support tools for sustainable operations & management of infrastructure assets.


Amiran is a multidisciplinary team of distinguished consultants with cross functional expertise and diverse and extensive experiences. Our specialists are of various professions: computational asset management; sustainable infrastructure management; physical asset portfolio optimization and investment management; computational sustainability; renewable energy; oil & gas and hydropower engineering; civil engineering & water resources management; hydrotechnical & environmental engineering; risk analysis and management; design optimization; Internet of Things and Industrial Internet; Big Data analytics & applied statistics. We are structured to provide profitable, innovative and sustainable solutions to our clients. Based in British Columbia, Canada, our consultants provide services to our clients regionally and internationally.

Our focus is on the entire asset management framework for the industry: asset identification, asset valuation, inspection and condition assessment, life-cycle costing, asset deterioration and service life prediction, risk assessment and management, big data analytics, decision support systems, investment and expenditure optimization.


Amiran adheres to its values and ethics that are internationally acceptable best practices:







  • asset identification and asset valuation
  • Internet of Things and Industrial Internet
  • inspection, condition assessment and asset health index
  • asset performance management and reliability analysis
  • life-cycle costing
  • asset deterioration and service life prediction
  • risk assessment, analysis and management
  • criticality ranking of assets
  • asset replacement strategies
  • Big data and decision analytics
  • risk-based decision support systems
  • physical asset portfolio management
  • investment optimization and budgeting justification
  • prioritization of alternatives


  • sustainability assessment
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Social impact assessment
  • Internet of Things for sustainability
  • Big data sustainability analytics
  • engineering for sustainable development
  • computer science and decision analytics
  • sustainable decision support systems
  • multi-criteria decision making
  • multi-objective optimization
  • multidisciplinary research
  • carbon neutral in corporate operations
  • greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction
  • energy efficiency optimization



Sustainable Asset Management Analytics (SAMA)

Amiran's Sustainable Asset Management Analytics (SAMA) is an easy to use intelligent cloud-based software application, leveraging high-performance risk-based analytics technology, enabling all levels of asset management in the oil & gas, utilities and energy industry get instant answers to their most important business questions that have been difficult and costly in the past:

Aging and Failures
  • What are my critical assets?
  • When is my critical asset going to fail?
  • Which failure factors contribute the most to my management cost?
  • Which socio-environmental factors impact failures?

Delivery and Customers
  • What do I know about my customers and their usage pattern?
  • What are the effects of my rate structure change?
  • What do I learn from my customers behaviour?
  • How does social media impact my business?

Inspection & Maintenance
  • Can I reduce my plant down time?
  • Can I reduce my maintenance cost?
  • Can I improve my resource utilization?
  • Can I justify my maintenance budget?

Replacement and Investment
  • I have a limited budget. Which assets should I fix first, when and in what order?
  • Should I repair, replace or upgrade?
  • What new investments should I make?

Most market solutions today provide you with Descriptive Analytics which tell you what has happened and maybe why it happened. Fewer of those solutions also provide you with Predictive Analytics which tell you what may happen in the future. Solutions today are very costly and time consuming to implement. You have to rely on analysis experts and yet figure out what to do.

Amiran’s SAMA bridges this gap by performing Prescriptive Analytics which tells you what should be done, when and in what order. SAMA is revolutionary, easy to use, and it is accessible from anywhere from any device. No advance skills required, no dependency on data analysis experts.

Prescriptive Analytics is on the rising edge of Gartner's technology hype cycle and only 3% of the organizations are using Prescriptive Analytics in their decision marking. SAMA provides you with great competitive advantage. Here is a summary of the benefits of SAMA:

  • SAMA adds Prescriptive Analytics to current solutions and tell you what to do, when and in what order;
  • SAMA integrates to your existing enterprise applications and provide you with scalability in cloud;
  • SAMA increases reliability & reduces both cost & risk;
  • SAMA shortens your investment payback period and increases your ROI significantly;
  • SAMA is accessible from anywhere and any device; and
  • No dependency on analysis experts! No advanced skills required!

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